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Women's Leadership Academy

Program Agenda

Session 0:
Orientation Networking Session

Session 1:
Women in Leadership & Tell Your Story

  • Barriers faced by women in leadership positions (stereotypical gender roles, the double-bind, tiara syndrome, queen bee phenomenon, imposter syndrome, identity crisis, etc.)

  • Mixed messages to address the dilemma are not sufficient (Teach women to be more like men/Don’t be too nice, etc.)

  • Managing imposter phenomenon and overcoming self-doubt

Session 2:
Coaches, Mentors, and Sponsors & Difficult Conversations

Part I: Coaches, Mentors & Sponsors - Why you should have one of each in your career

  • There are three people you must meet along your career journey – the sponsor, the mentor and the coach

  • Dive deeper into these 3 critical relationships and uncover:

    • How to find these guides (and how they can find you)

    • When the appropriate time is to engage with each one

    • Understand which role different people should play

  • To be truly successful and go far in your career, never go it alone. It’s essential to foster these essential relationships along the way

Part II: Having Difficult Conversations

  • Common conflicts at work and its types

  • Interests and how to approach and navigate difficult conversations

  • Threats, retaliation and solutions

  • Engaging with third parties if it benefits the difficult conversation

Session 3: 
Inclusive Leadership, Culture & Collaboration

  • Learn how to put together diverse teams and avoid the appearance of favoritism

  • Build trust so everyone feels comfortable speaking up

  • Treat all team members with fairness and respect

  • Understand what makes individuals unique, and ensure they feel connected to the team

  • Identify challenges of working in a transdisciplinary team

  • Establish critical components of a project, identify expertise among team members, assign roles and responsibilities based on expertise

  • Enhance team effectiveness by learning how to strategically configure your team’s knowledge and experience to meet team objectives

Session 4:
Negotiation Strategies for Women

  • Develop negotiation skills with a simulation and debriefing that highlights the impact of a variety of strategic and tactical choices

  • Cover best practices that are applicable to all, and emphasize solutions to the particular challenges that professional women face during negotiations

  • Provide concepts and a framework to effectively analyze the negotiation situation

  • Expand your toolkit of useful negotiation skills, strategic planning and tactics

Session 5:
Communicate to Influence

  • Everyone at some point must influence others when proposing new ideas, processes, products, etc. This session introduces participants to the 3 Pillars of Persuasion and how to leverage both confidence and credibility in becoming more persuasive.

  • A leader has 3 communication jobs: Instruct, Inform, Inspire.

  • How do you move from sharing information to influencing decisions and outcomes? 

Session 6:
Build a Powerful Leadership Presence

Part I: Building a Powerful Leadership Presence

  • Learn practical strategies to show up in an intentional, credible and impactful manner

  • Identify & craft your own power identity

  • Learn the three components of building a powerful leadership presence

    • Identity: How I see myself

    • Image: How I present myself

    • Interpersonal Connection: How I connect and interact with others 

Part II: Panel Discussion


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