Women's Leadership Academy

Program Agenda

Session 1:
Women in Leadership & Tell Your Story

a. Barriers women face in leadership positions (stereotypical gender roles, the double-bind, tiara syndrome, queen bee phenomenon, imposter syndrome, identity crisis, etc.)

b. Mixed messages to address the dilemma are not sufficient (Teach women to be more like men/Don’t be too nice, etc.)

c. Managing imposter phenomenon and overcoming self-doubt

Session 2:
High Performance Leadership Essentials & Coaches, Mentors, and Sponsors

Part I: High-performance Leadership Essentials

a. Understand leadership traits specific to women that give you an edge as a leader​

b. Strengthen overall personal leadership behaviors to improve individual and organizational performance​

c. Understand which traits and behaviors are associated with High-Performance Leadership (HPL)​

d. Adopt a proven model of operationalizing these traits and behaviors to be successful​

Part II: Coaches, Mentors and Sponsors

a. There are three people you must meet your career journey - the sponsor, the mentor and the coach

b. Dive deeper into these 3 critical relationships and uncover:
- How to find these guides (and how they can find you)
- When the appropriate time is to engage with each one
- Understand which role different people should play

c. To be truly successful and go far in your career, never go it alone. It's essential to foster these essential relationships along the way


Session 3: 
Having Difficult Conversations & Refueling Your Team with Inclusive Leadership

Part I: Having Difficult Conversations

a. Common conflicts at work and its types​

b. Interests and how to approach and navigate difficult conversations

c. Threats, retaliation and solutions ​

d. Engaging with third parties if it benefits the difficult conversation

Part II: Refuel Your Team with Inclusive Leadership

a. How to put together diverse teams and avoid the appearance of favoritism

b. Build trust so everyone feels comfortable speaking up

c. Treat all team members with fairness and respect

d. Understand what makes individuals unique, and ensure they feel connected to the team


Session 4:
Negotiation Strategies for Women

a. Develop negotiation skills with a simulation and debriefing that highlights the impact of a variety of strategic and tactical choices

b. Cover best practices that are applicable to all, and emphasize solutions to the particular challenges that professional women face during negotiations

c. Provide concepts and a framework to effectively analyze the negotiation situation

d. Expand your toolkit of useful negotiation skills, strategic planning and tactics

Session 5:
From Information to Influence

a. Everyone at some point must influence others when proposing new ideas, processes, products, etc. This session introduces participants to the 3 Pillars of Persuasion and how to leverage both confidence and credibility in becoming more persuasive.

b. A leader has 3 communication jobs: Instruct, Inform, Inspire.

c. How do you move from sharing information to influencing decisions and outcomes? ​

Session 6:
Build a Powerful Leadership Presence

a. Learn practical strategies to show up in an intentional, credible and impactful manner

b. Identify & craft your own power identity

c. Learn the three components of building a powerful leadership presence
- Identity: How I see myself
- Image: How I present myself
- Interpersonal Connection: How I connect and interact with others